QT Marshall Exits AEW Amidst Frustrations


QT Marshall Exits AEW Amidst Frustrations
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Professional wrestling veteran QT Marshall has parted ways with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), announcing his resignation on November 28th. This development follows a lengthy tenure with the company since its inception in 2019.

Marshall's decision, which has stunned fans and industry insiders alike, was shared via social media, where he expressed his gratitude towards AEW and its founder, Tony Khan. In his announcement, Marshall reflected on the evolution of AEW since he first joined.

He indicated that his association with the wrestling promotion would end by the close of 2023. This move has shed light on the dissatisfaction he harbored within the organization, as reported by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer during a Wrestling Observer Radio segment.

Meltzer revealed that Marshall's grievances were not a closely guarded secret within AEW circles, with many aware of his discontent for several months.

Marshall's Wrestling Ambitions

Marshall, who held the position of Vice President of creative and talent, had been vocal about his desire to actively wrestle—a role he felt was underutilized by Khan.

Despite his high-profile administrative role and contributions to the company's creative direction, Marshall yearned for more in-ring action and recognition as a wrestling star. This ambition, according to Meltzer, was a significant factor in his decision to leave AEW.

Throughout his stint in AEW, Marshall was a pivotal figure. He led The Factory, a faction that included Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, Anthony Ogogo, Cole Karter, and Lee Johnson. Later, he embarked on a new project, QTV, alongside Solo, Harley Cameron, and Johnny TV, previously known as John Morrison.

His last appearance in an AEW ring was during a dark match on October 25th, where QTV emerged victorious. In addition to his AEW responsibilities, Marshall is renowned as the head trainer at Cody Rhodes' Nightmare Factory, a testament to his influence and expertise in the wrestling industry.

His future endeavors remain a subject of speculation, but it is evident that Marshall is ready to explore new horizons, banking on his vast experience and passion for wrestling. This significant change in his career trajectory is poised to attract attention from both fans and peers, as they eagerly anticipate his next move in the wrestling world.

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