AEW Dynamite Surpasses WWE SmackDown in TV Ratings


AEW Dynamite Surpasses WWE SmackDown in TV Ratings
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling TV ratings, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently achieved a significant milestone by outperforming World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in viewership. This feat, particularly notable in the wrestling industry, highlights the ongoing rivalry between the two prominent wrestling promotions.

While AEW's "Dynamite" and WWE's "SmackDown" do not directly compete in the same time slot, the latest viewership figures have brought attention to the escalating competition. Wrestling fans and analysts have been deeply engaged in TV ratings discussions, reminiscent of the famed Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW.

This conversation was reignited in 2019 when AEW's "Dynamite" and WWE's "NXT" began their concurrent broadcasts. AEW emerged as the dominant force in most instances during these matchups, leading to "NXT" shifting its broadcast to Tuesday nights in Spring 2021.

However, a special head-to-head event occurred on October 10, 2023, where "NXT" featured top-tier talent including John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and The Undertaker. This star-studded lineup resulted in "NXT" decisively winning the ratings battle that night.

Dynamite Outperforms SmackDown

Despite some setbacks, AEW recently celebrated a rare victory over WWE. A key example was the November 22, 2023, episode of "Dynamite," which garnered 845,000 viewers and a 0.26 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

In comparison, the November 24 episode of "SmackDown" on FS1 attracted slightly fewer viewers, with 789,000 and a 0.24 rating in the same demographic. This success is particularly noteworthy considering that "SmackDown" aired on a less accessible network than its usual FOX slot.

A 2022 report from the Sports Business Journal provided context to this achievement, noting that TBS, the home of "Dynamite," was available in approximately 78.8 million homes across the US. In contrast, FS1's reach was slightly lower at 77.15 million homes.

This viewership victory for AEW's "Dynamite" over WWE's "SmackDown" is a testament to the growing popularity and competitive nature of AEW in the wrestling entertainment industry. As the rivalry continues, fans and analysts alike will undoubtedly keep a close eye on these developments, which are reshaping the landscape of professional wrestling television ratings.

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