Tommy Dreamer Critiques Britt Baker's Impact on AEW Locker Room

AEW Faces New Challenges with Britt Baker's Comments

by Noman Rasool
Tommy Dreamer Critiques Britt Baker's Impact on AEW Locker Room
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Professional wrestling personality Tommy Dreamer recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding AEW star Britt Baker's social media comments, which critiqued AEW management's handling of her character. During a recent episode of "AEW Dynamite," Baker expressed dissatisfaction on Twitter over her lack of promo time on AEW television throughout 2023.

Dreamer discussed the implications of Baker's remarks on his show "Busted Open," suggesting that if her criticism is genuine, it could spell trouble for the promotion's internal harmony. In his analysis, Dreamer acknowledged the sensitive nature of such public criticisms within a wrestling promotion.

He emphasized that while AEW currently doesn't need any negative publicity, Baker's comments could turn out to be a clever storyline ("the reveal"), which would mean that fans and commentators alike were misled. However, if Baker's grievances are real and go unaddressed, Dreamer foresees potential unrest within AEW's ranks.

Drawing parallels from his own experiences, Dreamer pointed to The Miz's journey in WWE as a case study. The Miz, despite facing significant challenges and isolation from his peers during his early years in WWE, chose a different path.

Rather than airing grievances publicly, he focused on his work and made the most of every opportunity, a decision that has contributed to his long-standing presence in WWE.

Blurring Lines in AEW

Dreamer's commentary highlights the delicate balance wrestling promotions must maintain between storylines and the real emotions of their talent.

Baker, who has not spoken on AEW television this year and last wrestled in September in an AEW TBS title match against Kris Statlander, presents a case where the lines between character and performer might be blurring. This situation in AEW, as Dreamer notes, is a critical juncture.

It's not just about Baker's airtime or her role in the promotion, but about how AEW manages its talent and maintains locker room morale. The wrestling world, with its blend of sports and entertainment, often finds itself at such crossroads, where the actions taken can significantly impact both the performers and the promotion's future trajectory.

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