Mark Henry Commends MJF: 'Shows Wisdom Beyond 30-Years in AEW'

Wrestling's Respect Crisis: A Disturbing Training Incident Emerges.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mark Henry Commends MJF: 'Shows Wisdom Beyond 30-Years in AEW'
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In a compelling press conference following the exhilarating Full Gear event, AEW World Champion MJF candidly addressed the challenges young wrestlers face in the industry, particularly when confronted by seasoned veterans.

His emotional discourse, sparked by a recent tweet, emphasized the importance of self-assurance and resisting being undermined due to inexperience. MJF's message, rooted in his own trials on the independent circuit, resonated strongly with veteran wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Henry expressed his profound understanding of MJF's stance. He lauded the young champion's profound grasp of the wrestling world, likening his expertise to that of a 30-year veteran. Henry's insights shed light on an often unspoken aspect of professional wrestling culture: the tendency of experienced wrestlers to diminish the contributions of newcomers, a practice colloquially known as 'Sonning.'

Bullying in Wrestling Training

MJF's revelations extended beyond personal experiences, touching on a disturbing incident at his alma mater, Create A Pro Wrestling. He recounted how a trainee was intimidated and forced to leave an event by an older wrestler, highlighting an underlying issue of respect and conduct within the wrestling community.

This incident, which struck a chord within the wrestling fraternity, prompted Henry to reflect on the teaching methodologies of his peers, including Bully Ray, another WWE Hall of Famer. In his commentary, Henry underscored the responsibility veteran wrestlers bear in nurturing the next generation.

He stressed the importance of constructive mentorship over intimidation, aspiring for a future where experienced wrestlers inspire and elevate their proteges. This approach, he argued, not only fosters a healthier environment but also ensures the continued evolution and growth of professional wrestling as an art form and entertainment.

Henry's statements, rooted in decades of experience, offer a poignant reminder of the complex dynamics within professional wrestling. As MJF's narrative unfolds, it becomes a testament to resilience and self-belief, resonating with aspiring wrestlers and veterans alike, while also igniting important conversations about mentorship, respect, and the future of the industry.

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