Matt Hardy Predicts Winner of AEW Continental Classic


Matt Hardy Predicts Winner of AEW Continental Classic

As the AEW Continental Classic gains momentum, wrestling veteran Matt Hardy has stepped into the spotlight with his predictions for the tournament's winner. On his podcast, "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy," he shared insights that have stirred the wrestling community.

Hardy named Swerve, a rising star in AEW, as a potential victor. He also mentioned Jay White, emphasizing that a win could significantly boost White's career trajectory. "Swerve could use that win. That's a great scenario," Hardy remarked, underlining the importance of the tournament in shaping the future of these wrestlers.

Another name Hardy brought up was Daniel Garcia, the former ROH Pure Champion. While Hardy expressed his personal desire to see Garcia triumph, he acknowledged that it might be too early in Garcia's career for such a significant win.

Nevertheless, his mention of Garcia adds an intriguing layer to the tournament's narrative.

AEW Classic's Historic Merge

The AEW Continental Classic, announced earlier this month by AEW CEO Tony Khan, is not just another wrestling event.

It's a groundbreaking tournament where the winner will be crowned the inaugural Continental Champion. This title represents a unique fusion of the Ring of Honor World title and NJPW Strong Openweight title, both currently held by Eddie Kingston.

In a thrilling lineup, Kingston is set to face Bryan Danielson in the upcoming "AEW Collision." Additionally, fans can anticipate an electrifying match between Claudio Castagnoli and Brody King. Daniel Garcia, another name in Hardy's predictions, will confront Andrade El Idolo, adding further excitement to this week's "Collision." The Gold League, on the other side of the bracket, saw Jon Moxley, Rush, and Swerve Strickland each securing three points on "AEW Dynamite." They achieved their wins against Jay Lethal, Mark Briscoe, and Jay White, respectively, setting a high bar for the competition.

Hardy's predictions have added an intriguing layer to the AEW Continental Classic, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the outcomes. As the tournament progresses, it's clear that the path to becoming the inaugural Continental Champion is laden with high stakes and intense rivalries, promising a spectacular display of wrestling talent.

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