AEW Tony Khan Unveils 'All In 2024' Ticket Sales Launch Date


AEW Tony Khan Unveils 'All In 2024' Ticket Sales Launch Date
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In a groundbreaking announcement that sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, the extraordinary success of the first-day ticket sales for All In 2024.

The prestigious event, set to take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium, has witnessed a record-breaking start, with ticket sales surpassing the $4 million mark. This announcement comes as a significant moment for AEW, marking a new era in the wrestling industry.

Khan's announcement on November 27 highlighted the unprecedented demand for the All In 2024 event, with fans eagerly securing their spots for what promises to be a historic occasion. "Thank you all who made today's #AEWAllIn on-sale a huge success for AEW + @wembleystadium," Khan tweeted.

The CEO further emphasized the advanced timeline of ticket sales compared to the previous year, starting a full five months earlier. "On day 1, AEW's already sold over $4 million in tickets (over £3M), just getting started: All In is 9 months away!" he added, underlining the growing anticipation for the event.

Ticket Price Surge

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on some exclusive backstage insights regarding the ticket sale dynamics.

A key takeaway from Meltzer's report is the significant hike in ticket prices compared to the previous year. For instance, a seat that cost £82 ($104 USD) last year is now priced at a staggering £367 ($466 USD), reflecting the heightened demand and prestige associated with the event.

In every section of the stadium, prices have soared beyond the £300 ($381 USD) mark, with premium seats fetching the highest prices. The ticket purchasing process, particularly on FITE, the wrestling streaming platform, faced some challenges, as reported by Meltzer.

Due to the seating map's limitations, fans were unable to select specific seats, causing frustrations and delays. Many had to wait several hours before turning to Ticketmaster for a smoother buying experience. Khan's vision for All In 2024, as reported, is to position it as AEW's answer to WWE's WrestleMania, treating it as the flagship event of the year.

This monumental event is currently the only UK-based event in AEW's calendar, further adding to its exclusivity and allure. The surge in ticket sales and the heightened interest from fans worldwide indicate that All In 2024 is not just an event; it's a phenomenon that's reshaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

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