Matt Hardy on AEW: His Vision for the Future


Matt Hardy on AEW: His Vision for the Future
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In a recent development that has stirred the wrestling world, QT Marshall, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has announced his departure from the organization at the end of the year. This news comes amidst reports suggesting Marshall's dissatisfaction with AEW's current trajectory, particularly its emphasis on match quality over narrative depth.

This sentiment, however, is not exclusive to Marshall. Wrestling veteran Matt Hardy, in a candid discussion on the "Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy" podcast, echoed a similar perspective. Hardy emphasized the need for AEW to integrate more story-driven and entertainment-focused elements.

“To captivate a broader audience, including casual fans, AEW needs to balance its exceptional wrestling with compelling character development and storytelling,” Hardy stated. He firmly believes that while AEW's foundation in high-caliber wrestling matches is unshakable, a shift towards a more narrative approach could enrich the viewer experience.

Hardy Lauds Cage-Copeland Feud

Hardy particularly praised the recent storyline involving Christian Cage and Adam Copeland. This feud, marked by its character-driven narrative, was hailed by Hardy as “Tremendous,” showcasing the potential of blending wrestling with storytelling.

Reflecting on his own illustrious career, Hardy acknowledged the challenges wrestlers face in continuously elevating match standards. “The bar is set so high in AEW's locker room that outdoing previous performances becomes an increasingly daunting task,” he admitted.

This sentiment resonates with Hardy’s experiences during his iconic ladder and TLC matches, where the pressure to innovate was constant. Jeff Hardy, Matt's brother and fellow wrestling icon, also voiced his interest in exploring more character-driven angles.

Known for his daredevil antics, Jeff sees potential in developing his persona beyond the high-flying stunts. “My strongest performances stem from the narratives leading up to the matches. It’s about showing the fans different facets of my character, not just my in-ring skills,” Jeff explained.

These insights from the Hardy brothers underscore a pivotal moment for AEW. As the organization navigates its growth, balancing spectacular wrestling with engaging storytelling could be key to attracting a diverse fan base and cementing its status in the wrestling world.

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