Bryan Danielson's AEW Career: What Lies Ahead Beyond 2024


Bryan Danielson's AEW Career: What Lies Ahead Beyond 2024
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Tony Khan, the CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared insights about Bryan Danielson's future with the company beyond 2024. As Bryan Danielson's full-time in-ring career approaches its twilight, fans and insiders alike are keen to understand what lies ahead for the 42-year-old wrestling icon.

Known for his captivating performances and dedication, Danielson has indicated his plans to step back from full-time wrestling sometime in 2024. In an exclusive interview with The Athletic, Tony Khan opened up about the future of 'The American Dragon' in AEW.

He revealed that Danielson and he had reached an agreement exactly three years prior to AEW All In 2024. This agreement marked a three-year full-time wrestling commitment from Danielson. With the expiration date of this contract looming, Khan expressed his desire for Danielson to continue his association with AEW, albeit in a different capacity.

Danielson's 2024 Transition

"Bryan and I made an agreement three years to the week before AEW All In 2024. The agreement was that Bryan would wrestle (full-time) for three years. Even three years in advance of the expiration of the agreement, I was already clawing for him to stay.

He will stay with us in spirit and sometimes, occasionally, make sporadic appearances with us. But the end of the full-time run with us is going to be in 2024," Khan elaborated. Danielson's recent return to active competition on the December 1 edition of Collision was a testament to his enduring prowess.

He triumphed over Eddie Kingston in the Continental Classic tournament, bolstering his position as a favorite to win the tournament. His performance not only showcased his in-ring skills but also highlighted his influential role in AEW.

In addition to his wrestling achievements, Danielson recently confirmed his involvement in AEW's disciplinary committee, which notably decided to terminate CM Punk's contract with the company. This revelation adds another dimension to Danielson's contributions to AEW, underscoring his multifaceted role within the organization.

As his full-time in-ring career nears its conclusion, Bryan Danielson's legacy in AEW continues to evolve. While his physical presence in the ring may diminish, his impact and spirit will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of AEW's ethos and future endeavors.

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