Freddie Prinze Jr. Speculates on Identity of AEW's Devil Masked Wrestler


Freddie Prinze Jr. Speculates on Identity of AEW's Devil Masked Wrestler

In the world of professional wrestling, a tantalizing mystery has been captivating audiences and fans alike: the true identity of the person donning MJF's notorious devil mask, a figure who has relentlessly haunted the AEW World Champion, orchestrating attacks against anyone daring to oppose him.

This enigma took center stage in a recent episode of "Wrestling With Freddie," a podcast hosted by former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. During the show, Prinze unveiled his theory about the identity of this mysterious character.

Prinze's Bold Accusation

Prinze Jr. boldly posits that Adam Cole, a prominent figure in AEW, is the man behind the mask. He suggests that Cole has been orchestrating a ruse, feigning an ankle injury to mask his true intentions.

"Adam Cole! Adam Cole and he's been faking the ankle injury-surgery-recovery story the whole time," declared Prinze. He points out a compelling coincidence: the emergence of the devil character aligns suspiciously with the timing of Cole's reported injury.

"Isn't it convenient that his ankle got hurt right around the same time that the devil character came to fruition?" he questioned. Despite being sidelined since September due to a broken ankle, Cole has maintained a significant presence in AEW.

He has been a constant figure in MJF's corner, most notably during MJF's AEW World Championship defense against Jay White at Full Gear. Prinze is convinced of Cole's duplicity, emphasizing his belief with a pointed accusation, "I see you, Adam Cole.

I see you. I see through it. It's in his eyes. You can tell when you see him that there's something evil there, and he wants that title, and this is how he was going to get it." The speculation adds a new layer to the evolving relationship between Cole and MJF.

Once adversaries, their dynamic has transformed into a burgeoning bromance. Together, they currently hold the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships, having dethroned Aussie Open during the All In "Zero Hour" pre-show in August.

Prinze's theory, if proven true, could not only unveil one of the most cunning stratagems in wrestling history but also dramatically alter the landscape of AEW's power dynamics. The wrestling community eagerly awaits further developments, as the true identity of the devil-masked antagonist continues to be a subject of intense debate and intrigue.

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