Hacksaw' Jim Duggan on CM Punk AEW Drama: 'Just Another Day at the Office'


Hacksaw' Jim Duggan on CM Punk AEW Drama: 'Just Another Day at the Office'
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WWE Hall of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan recently shed light on the shifting dynamics of wrestler confrontations backstage, juxtaposing the current practices with those of his era, particularly in the context of CM Punk's departure from AEW.

Duggan Reflects on Wrestler Altercations

In a candid discussion on "The Hacksaw Hour," Duggan reflected on an era where physical altercations were commonplace as a means to resolve disputes among wrestlers. This commentary comes in the wake of CM Punk's highly publicized exit from AEW following a backstage skirmish with Jack Perry.

The incident, which resulted in Punk's release, was severe enough to incite concern from AEW President Tony Khan for his own safety. Duggan, known for his straightforward demeanor, described a time when such incidents were merely part of a day's work.

"Back in the day, you'd be waiting to take a shower, and they'd say, 'Hold up, the guys are sorting a few things out.' It was a different time, with wrestlers handling disagreements themselves, often physically," he explained.

His insights offer a stark contrast to the current wrestling landscape, where backstage fights are no longer the norm. This change in culture has made any such altercations headline-worthy news. Duggan also touched upon the concept of a 'wrestlers' court,' a backstage tradition now viewed critically by fans and wrestlers alike, including Punk, who has been openly critical of the practice.

Duggan further elaborated on the high-pressure environment that wrestlers endure, underscoring the competitive nature of the business, constant travel, lack of sleep, physical pain, and the strain of being away from family.

"Given these conditions, it's surprising there aren't more backstage confrontations," he remarked. This reflection by Duggan not only highlights the evolving ethos within wrestling organizations like WWE and AEW but also sheds light on the intense, often overlooked aspects of a wrestler's life and career.

His commentary provides a unique perspective on the industry's past and present, illustrating how the handling of internal conflicts has transformed over the years.

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