Thunder Rosa Aspires for a Christian Cage-Level Star in AEW Women's Division


Thunder Rosa Aspires for a Christian Cage-Level Star in AEW Women's Division
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few figures have managed to captivate audiences and influence the industry as profoundly as Christian Cage. His transformation into one of pro wrestling's most notorious heels has not only enthralled fans but also reshaped the landscape of the sport.

With a penchant for underhanded tactics and a flair for sadistic promos, the 50-year-old veteran has effectively elevated the TNT Championship, engaging in riveting feuds with prominent talents like Darby Allin and Adam Copeland.

Beyond the ring, Cage's presence in AEW has been a beacon of experience and guidance for the locker room, particularly for rising stars. Christian Cage's role extends beyond his in-ring prowess; he has been a pivotal figure in nurturing young talents, helping them to find their footing in the high-stakes world of wrestling.

Nick Wayne, among others, has flourished under Cage's influence, growing more confident and skilled in his role. Former AEW champion Thunder Rosa recently highlighted this nurturing aspect of Cage's tenure during an episode of "Busted Open." Rosa passionately discussed the transformative impact veterans like Cage can have, especially in the women's division.

Rosa Praises Cage's Impact

Rosa expressed her admiration for Cage's ability to integrate new talent into compelling storylines, making the narratives engaging and deeply enriching. "The stories gain depth, they become more intricate, and that's something we could greatly benefit from in the women's division," she remarked.

Rosa emphasized the need for seasoned female wrestlers who could replicate Cage's impact, enhancing the division's appeal and complexity. Reflecting on her own experiences, Thunder Rosa pointed to her storyline with former WWE champion Melina on NWA programming as a prime example of the positive influence veterans can have.

She also acknowledged the potential of rising stars like Julia Hart and Skye Blue, who are poised to become key figures in the company. Rosa's insights offer a blueprint for the evolution of AEW's women's division, underscoring the need for experienced figures to mentor and elevate the next generation of female wrestling stars.

As the industry continues to evolve, the integration of veteran wisdom with new talent could be the key to crafting a more enthralling and diverse wrestling landscape.

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