Rob Van Dam Offers Advice to AEW Wrestlers, Surpassing Expectations


Rob Van Dam Offers Advice to AEW Wrestlers, Surpassing Expectations
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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), veteran wrestler Rob Van Dam has emerged as a guiding figure for the company's younger talent, defying the stereotype that new wrestlers rarely seek advice from seasoned professionals.

During his recent appearance on "1 Of A Kind," Van Dam shared insightful observations about the changing landscape of mentorship within AEW. Van Dam, known for his iconic wrestling style and impactful presence in the ring, noted that several of AEW's rising stars approached him for guidance.

"When I was there, I did have some of the boys in AEW pick my brain and come up to me," he said, highlighting a shift in the locker room culture. This interaction is particularly noteworthy as it contradicts the narrative that young wrestlers in AEW are reluctant to seek veteran advice.

RVD's Impactful Mentorship

The influence of RVD extends beyond casual conversations. He has made sporadic yet significant appearances in AEW, closely working with promising talents like Jack Perry and HOOK. His willingness to share his vast experience and leverage his star power for the benefit of up-and-coming wrestlers is a testament to his dedication to the sport and its future stars.

"I've had them come up and ask, 'Do you see anything that I could do better?'" Van Dam shared. This openness to feedback, according to RVD, is a clear indicator of the respect and admiration these younger wrestlers have for him and his generation.

His comments echo the sentiments of other AEW backstage personalities, including Arn Anderson, regarding the evolving dynamics between veterans and rookies. However, not all legends feel the same level of engagement from the younger roster.

In a candid conversation with Tully Blanchard, another wrestling icon, Van Dam learned that Blanchard felt underutilized by the new generation. "He was telling me that as long as he's been there, none of the young guys have come up to him for any advice," RVD recalled.

This revelation sheds light on the diverse experiences of veterans in AEW and the varying degrees of mentorship occurring behind the scenes. As AEW continues to grow and evolve, the role of veterans like Rob Van Dam becomes increasingly vital in shaping the skills and attitudes of the next wave of wrestling superstars.

Their guidance, coupled with the enthusiasm and willingness to learn from the younger wrestlers, could very well define the future trajectory of AEW and professional wrestling as a whole.

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