Lance Archer Calls for Monstersauce's AEW Debut; Challenges Tag Champs

AEW's Lance Archer takes bold step with new challenge.

by Noman Rasool
Lance Archer Calls for Monstersauce's AEW Debut; Challenges Tag Champs
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Lance Archer, a standout star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has made a bold request to AEW President and CEO Tony Khan. Archer, who has been a key figure in AEW and is managed by wrestling Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts, is advocating for the inclusion of his tag team partner and former WWE talent, Alex Zayne, in AEW.

This dynamic duo, known as "Monstersauce," has been making waves in the wrestling world, most recently participating in the 2023 NJPW World Tag League tournament. Despite not reaching the finals in the tournament, Archer and Zayne have demonstrated impressive synergy and skill as a team.

In a candid post-match interview, Archer didn't shy away from challenging the current AEW tag team champions, Ricky Starks and Big Bill. He expressed his desire for Monstersauce to shake up the AEW tag division, confidently stating, "He’s gonna sauce you, I’m gonna toss you.

He’s gonna throw you, I’m going to kill you because when Monstersauce shows up, everybody dies."

World Tour Announced

Archer's recent tweet has further amplified his call for action. He announced his world tour with Zayne, hinting at their plans to dominate various wrestling promotions globally, including a potential appearance in AEW and possibly even in CMLL.

His message was clear and direct: "Japan, we are coming back. USA, if you want some sauce, you better hit us up quick. Because we’re gonna travel all over the world. Whether it’s AEW, whether it’s the independent circuit all across the United States and the world, hell, we might even show up in CMLL.

You never know. But if you hit us up, Monstersauce is coming, and we’re gonna sauce the world. Because I toss ’em, he sauces ’em. I kill ’em, [and] he thrills them. We’re Monstersauce, and everybody dies”.

Archer's challenge to Tony Khan and his ambition to bring Monstersauce to AEW has certainly stirred excitement among wrestling fans. This development promises a thrilling potential shift in the AEW tag team scene. As Archer and Zayne continue their global tour, their impact on the wrestling world will undoubtedly be one to watch closely.

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