John Cena Joins AEW World Champion MJF at Iron Claw Film Premiere


John Cena Joins AEW World Champion MJF at Iron Claw Film Premiere
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In a surprising turn of events at the premiere of "Iron Claw," AEW World Champion MJF and WWE legend John Cena found themselves crossing paths, sparking excitement among wrestling fans and industry insiders. The encounter was captured on video by Chris Van Vliet, shedding light on a potentially meaningful conversation between the two wrestling icons.

Interestingly, this was not their first meeting. MJF and Cena had previously crossed paths on a movie set a few years ago, where MJF worked as an extra. According to MJF, they had an excellent rapport, hinting at a deeper connection beyond the squared circle.

Additionally, MJF's wrestling journey may have briefly intersected with Cena's when he tried out for WWE's "Tough Enough" reality show in 2015, adding another layer to their relationship.

MJF's Cena Connection

MJF's admiration for Cena has been evident in various interviews, as he has described himself as a "generational talent" similar to Cena and even mentioned him during an episode of "AEW Dynamite" last November.

MJF's childhood was marked by being a devoted Cena fan, with his room adorned with Cena posters and merchandise. The "Iron Claw" premiere in Los Angeles saw the presence of several wrestling personalities, including Liv Morgan, Baron Corbin, CJ Perry, Chavo Guerrero, Ryan Nemeth, Kevin Von Erich, and Lacey Von Erich.

While MJF portrayed the character of Lance Von Erich in the movie, Guerrero served as the wrestling coordinator for the Von Erich biopic, drawing on his experience from projects like "GLOW" and "Young Rock." Notably, Kevin and Lacey Von Erich played crucial advisory roles in preserving their family's legacy throughout the production process.

Zac Efron took on the role of Kevin Von Erich, the sole surviving member of the legendary Von Erichs from the '80s. The unexpected meeting between MJF and Cena at the "Iron Claw" premiere has added an intriguing chapter to their connection, leaving fans curious about any potential future collaborations or interactions between these wrestling titans.

As the wrestling world eagerly watches, this encounter could have broader implications for the industry, transcending the boundaries of promotions and showcasing the camaraderie that exists among its superstars.

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