Seth Rollins Rumored AEW Move: Facing Rival at All In 2024?


Seth Rollins Rumored AEW Move: Facing Rival at All In 2024?
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World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is potentially on the brink of a game-changing move, with rumors swirling about his possible departure from WWE to AEW. This shift could set the stage for a highly anticipated showdown with Will Ospreay at All In 2024.

As one of WWE's standout performers, Rollins' potential transition to AEW is a topic generating considerable buzz in the wrestling community. Rollins, often referred to as "Seth 'Freakin'" Rollins, has carved a remarkable career in WWE, achieving an impressive array of accolades.

However, the wrestling world is rife with speculation about his next move, especially with his WWE contract reportedly set to expire in June 2024. Sources such as Fightful Select suggest that post-contract, Rollins might explore new horizons with Tony Khan's AEW.

The prospect of Rollins joining AEW becomes even more intriguing with the recent signing of Will Ospreay, a prominent NJPW star, to a full-time contract with AEW. Their recent Twitter exchange has further fueled speculation about a future feud, hinting at a storyline that fans have longed to see.

All In 2024 Showdown

Should Rollins and Ospreay face off, the All In Pay-Per-View at Wembley Stadium in August 2024 would be an ideal venue for such a landmark match. This potential clash is not only a dream match for many wrestling enthusiasts but also a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

Meanwhile, on WWE's front, Rollins recently had a notable encounter with CM Punk on Monday Night RAW. Punk, having just committed to staying on the RAW roster, was confronted by Rollins in a segment that captivated viewers.

Rollins expressed his frustration towards Punk, teasing a possible World Heavyweight Championship match between them. As we approach WrestleMania 40, the unfolding narrative between Rollins and Punk is another storyline capturing the attention of the WWE universe.

Whether Rollins will make the jump to AEW and set up a dream match with Ospreay remains to be seen. For now, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the next chapter in these compelling storylines, as they continue to captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of professional wrestling.

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