Marshall Von Erich Discusses Kevin Von Erich Legacy Challenges


Marshall Von Erich Discusses Kevin Von Erich Legacy Challenges
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In the wake of A24's film "The Iron Claw," which casts a spotlight on the legendary Von Erich wrestling family, the latest generation, Ross and Marshall Von Erich, are keen to emphasize their ongoing efforts to honor their family legacy.

The brothers, in a candid discussion with "Busted Open Radio," delved into the complexities and pressures that come with their renowned surname.

Von Erich Legacy Weighs

The Von Erich name, synonymous with wrestling royalty, has undoubtedly shaped Ross and Marshall's path in the industry.

"It's a challenge to be a Von Erich," Marshall admitted. "There's this constant pressure, with people expecting us to surpass our family's achievements. But for us, it's about honoring our father and our heritage." This sentiment highlights the weight of their legacy, a mantle they bear with both pride and a sense of responsibility.

Despite having the guidance of their father, Kevin Von Erich, a wrestling legend in his own right, Ross and Marshall have faced their fair share of trials in the wrestling world. "The sport can be brutally humbling," Ross shared.

"People see our successes but not the struggles, like the grueling times in Japan, cleaning and enduring tough conditions. It's been a journey of perseverance amidst constant challenges." Currently, the Von Erich brothers are navigating the industry as free agents, following the expiration of their contract with Major League Wrestling (MLW) in May.

They held the MLW Tag Team Championship for an impressive 438 days between 2019 and 2021, a testament to their skill and dedication in the ring. In a much-anticipated move, they are scheduled to appear on "AEW Dynamite" this Wednesday, joined by their father.

This appearance, set in their hometown of Dallas, Texas, marks the Von Erich family's debut in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), adding a new chapter to their storied wrestling journey. Their story, a blend of legacy, struggle, and resilience, not only resonates with wrestling enthusiasts but also offers a deeper look into the lives of those born into wrestling royalty.

As they continue to forge their path, the Von Erich brothers remain committed to upholding the family's esteemed legacy in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.