AEW's Ethan Page Praises Matt & Jeff Hardy for Deserving Recognition

Wrestling Star Ethan Page Hails Legendary Hardy Brothers

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Ethan Page Praises Matt & Jeff Hardy for Deserving Recognition
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Ethan Page, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, has expressed his admiration and respect for the legendary Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff Hardy. While no longer aligned with them, Page spent a significant portion of 2023 working closely with the veteran duo after Matt Hardy acquired his contract.

In Page's view, the Hardys "deserve their flowers forever" due to their enduring contributions and sacrifices in the wrestling industry. Speaking on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Page highlighted the exceptional selflessness displayed by Matt Hardy when it comes to storytelling in wrestling.

Unlike many others in the business who prioritize personal gain, Page commended Matt for his dedication to delivering compelling narratives that benefit the overall product. Page and the Hardys collaborated primarily on "AEW Dark: Elevation," an experience that provided them with ample entertainment.

Despite his relative newcomer status compared to the Hardy Brothers, Page was content to defer to their expertise and wisdom. He noted that Matt consistently looked out for his well-being, ensuring that he derived benefits from their joint endeavors—a rare and commendable trait in the wrestling world.

Reflecting on his time working with Matt, Page expressed profound appreciation and affection for the wrestling legend, vowing to carry that gratitude throughout his entire career. He declared that his admiration and love for Matt Hardy would endure indefinitely.

Hardys' AEW Frustrations & Dedication

In recent times, both Matt and Jeff Hardy have openly expressed their frustrations with their booking on AEW television, with Jeff even likening himself to a "ghost." However, they have remained resolute in their passion for the wrestling business.

Page has witnessed firsthand their unwavering commitment to entertaining fans and connecting with them on a profound level. "Jeff lives for the fans," Page emphasized. "They love the connection with the fans, they love putting on a show for the fans...

Those guys genuinely love it." In summary, Ethan Page's heartfelt tribute to Matt and Jeff Hardy underscores the indelible mark these wrestling icons have left on the industry. Their dedication to storytelling and their love for the fans continue to make them cherished figures in the world of professional wrestling.

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