Nick Wayne Advocates for Ex-Tag Team Partner's Entry into AEW


Nick Wayne Advocates for Ex-Tag Team Partner's Entry into AEW
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Nick Wayne, a rising star in the wrestling world, recently expressed his desire to see his former tag team partner, Jordan Oliver, join him in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The dynamic duo, known as the East West Express, made a significant impact in the independent wrestling circuit, showcasing a blend of entertainment and athleticism that resonated deeply with fans.

During an engaging interview on "The Wrestling Classic," Wayne reflected on the serendipitous formation of their tag team. Initially paired for what was thought to be a one-off appearance, Wayne and Oliver discovered an unexpected chemistry.

This synergy propelled them into regular teaming, and in just a year, they impressively ranked 65th in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Tag Team 100. Their journey was further adorned with the prestigious GCW Tag Team Championship, a testament to their skill and popularity.

East West Express Buzz

The East West Express's distinctive, fast-paced style quickly garnered a dedicated fanbase. Their in-ring prowess and captivating performances turned heads, making them one of the most talked-about teams in the independent scene.

This buzz was further amplified when AEW filed a trademark for East West Express, fueling speculation about Oliver's potential move to the promotion. Speculations suggest that Oliver could be integrated into AEW as part of Christian Cage's Patriarchy, reuniting him with Wayne.

Addressing these rumors, Wayne shared his enthusiasm and personal aspirations. "It's one of my goals, to be honest. I have people that I'm very close with outside of AEW, and Jordan is one of them. He's one of my best friends in this world," he said.

While Oliver's transition to AEW remains uncertain, his addition would undoubtedly provide Wayne with a renewed sense of direction within the promotion. Moreover, it would offer the Patriarchy a strategic entry into AEW's competitive tag division.

Fans eagerly anticipate the potential reunion, hopeful for the dynamic performances that East West Express could bring to AEW's already vibrant wrestling landscape.

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