Chris Jericho: Unscripted AEW Promos Not Always Perfect


Chris Jericho: Unscripted AEW Promos Not Always Perfect
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Veteran pro wrestler Chris Jericho, whose illustrious career has spanned over three decades, made a significant shift to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) more than four years ago. This move marked a pivotal moment in the wrestling world, as Jericho, a household name primarily associated with WWE, joined the upstart promotion and became its inaugural AEW World Champion, playing a crucial role in the company's initial year.

One of the key distinctions between AEW and WWE is the approach to promos. In AEW, promos are unscripted, allowing wrestlers the freedom to express themselves without the constraints of memorized scripts, a stark contrast to the heavily scripted nature of WWE promos.

Jericho on Unscripted AEW Promos

Speaking in a recent interview with Fox 4, the former AEW World Champion shed light on the unscripted nature of promos in AEW, characterizing the company as a bit of the "Wild West" in the wrestling world.

Jericho candidly admitted that while unscripted promos offer creative freedom, they aren't always a guaranteed success, emphasizing that the outcome depends on the performer's abilities and instincts. "It's a little bit more freewheeling, a little more wild west.

We're kind of more in control of our own destinies here. There's not a lot of outside input into what we're doing, which in some ways is good, in some ways, it's not so good. It depends on the performer, on the wrestler," Jericho explained.

Despite the occasional unpredictability of unscripted promos, Jericho highlighted the unique atmosphere and energy that AEW brings to the wrestling world. He described it as a "party type of vibe," characterized by its wackiness and excitement, qualities that set AEW apart from the more traditional wrestling promotions.

Jericho's move to AEW also raised eyebrows in WWE, with Vince McMahon reportedly interested in having him return. However, Jericho remains content and focused on crafting a lasting legacy within AEW. His commitment to AEW signifies a desire to continue pushing the boundaries and offering fans a fresh, unpredictable, and exhilarating wrestling experience.

In summary, Chris Jericho's tenure in AEW has been marked by the company's unscripted promos, offering a distinct, freewheeling approach to wrestling that, while not always without challenges, brings a unique and exciting atmosphere to the world of professional wrestling.

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