Ace Steel: Life After AEW


Ace Steel: Life After AEW
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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, Ace Steel has remained a prominent figure, especially following his notable departure from AEW after the much-discussed "brawl out" incident. However, far from stepping away from the spotlight, Steel has seamlessly transitioned into a new chapter of his career.

Recently, he has embraced a significant role at Impact Wrestling, soon to be rebranded as TNA Wrestling, where he is making a considerable impact as a producer.

Steel's Impact Transition

Steel's journey to Impact Wrestling wasn't immediate.

"Earlier this year, they had reached out, but I was entangled with other commitments," Steel disclosed in an interview with "Wrestling With Rip Rodgers." His enthusiasm for the new role is palpable. "Joining Impact Wrestling felt right.

The team is exceptional, and the atmosphere is refreshingly collaborative. It's invigorating to be in an environment where your presence is valued and you don't have to tread cautiously." But Steel's ambitions extend beyond production.

With a rich background in coaching and training, including a stint at WWE's Performance Center, he is revisiting his roots in talent development. His plans are ambitious: launching his own wrestling school in Florida. Steel has already acquired a wrestling ring and is in the process of finding a location for his school.

"I'll be the 51st wrestling school in Florida, and that doesn't deter me," he stated with confidence. "I have a wealth of knowledge to offer. It's been a while since I trained someone from scratch, as my work at the Performance Center mostly involved more experienced wrestlers.

But I'm eager to shape new talents from the ground up." Steel's enthusiasm for this new venture is infectious, and he promises exciting developments in the near future. "Keep an eye out for my school in Florida. It's going to be a game-changer," he asserts.

As Steel forges ahead with his new endeavors, his journey is a testament to the dynamic and resilient nature of the professional wrestling industry, continually adapting and evolving with its stars.

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