Mariah May Heads to AEW Post-STARDOM Japan Tour


Mariah May Heads to AEW Post-STARDOM Japan Tour
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Mariah May, the latest sensation in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has been making waves even before her in-ring debut, thanks to her association with AEW Women's World Champion, Toni Storm. In a revealing episode of "AEW Unlimited," May opened up about her journey to AEW and the significant role Japan's STARDOM played in shaping her career.

Before her AEW venture, May made an impressive mark in STARDOM, one of Japan's premier women's wrestling promotions. Her commentary during the All-Star Grand Queendom pay-per-view garnered considerable attention, highlighting her multifaceted talents in the wrestling world.

"I was in STARDOM for about four or five months when AEW approached me. They were impressed with my work, but I felt I wasn't ready to transition to American television just yet," May shared.

May's STARDOM Success Story

May's decision to stay in Japan was driven by a deep-seated ambition to hone her skills.

"I always dreamt of wrestling in Japan, and joining STARDOM was just the beginning for me. I wanted to explore my potential there before moving on," she explained. This commitment led to a successful nine-month stint in Japan, where she teamed up with Mina Shirakawa as part of the duo 'Rose Gold'

Their achievements include winning the Goddess of Stardom Championship, solidifying their status as a formidable tag team. A significant milestone in May's career was her participation in the 5STAR Grand Prix tournament. "The 5STAR Grand Prix was a turning point for me.

It was a platform where I grew immensely, both in skill and confidence," May reflected. This experience was instrumental in her development, preparing her for the challenges in AEW. STARDOM's rigorous schedule and expanding profile pushed May to excel.

In less than a year, she competed in 99 matches, an experience that not only honed her in-ring abilities but also caught the attention of AEW scouts. "STARDOM has grown massively over the years. It was crucial for me to perform there and improve rapidly.

It’s always been a significant goal of mine, and I’m glad I achieved it," May concluded. As May transitions to AEW, she brings a wealth of experience and a refined in-ring style, attributes that are sure to make her a standout performer in the promotion.

Her journey from STARDOM to AEW is a testament to her dedication and passion for professional wrestling, marking her as a talent to watch in the coming years.