AEW Star CJ Perry Hospitalized: Exclusive Details Revealed

CJ Perry Faces Unexpected Health Challenge in AEW

by Noman Rasool
AEW Star CJ Perry Hospitalized: Exclusive Details Revealed
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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), manager CJ Perry has been a prominent figure, known for her impactful ringside presence. Especially notable is her association with Andrade El Idolo, a former WWE Superstar, where her involvement is a given whenever Idolo is scheduled to appear.

However, in a recent and concerning social media post on X (previously known as Twitter), Perry shared news that took the wrestling community by surprise, leading to her absence from the December 16 episode of "AEW Collision." Perry, who joined AEW earlier this year and made a stunning debut at the All Out pay-per-view alongside her husband, revealed a severe medical condition affecting her finger and arm.

She is suffering from a significant infection, with her middle finger showing signs of necrosis and swelling. Additionally, there is noticeable redness and inflammation extending to her bicep and elbow. In her heartfelt message, Perry expressed regret for missing the show and shared her aspirations to debut in Mexico with Idolo.

She also sent her best wishes to Miro, her husband, and Idolo, who were competing in the ongoing Continental Classic.

Perry's Condition: Community Support

The specifics of how Perry's infection developed remain unclear, as does the duration of her potential absence from AEW programming.

The wrestling community, including personalities like Renee Paquette, Thunder Rosa, and Steph De Lander, have shown their support on social media, reflecting the impact Perry has had in AEW. As Perry recuperates, the wrestling world eagerly awaits her return.

Her dynamic partnership with her husband on-screen has been a highlight for AEW fans. Her absence is felt not just by those in the ring, but also by the legions of fans who have followed her journey. We all hope for a speedy recovery for CJ Perry and look forward to her vibrant presence back in AEW, illuminating the ringside with her charisma and strength. Her journey in AEW, though momentarily paused, promises more exciting chapters ahead.

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