Tully Blanchard's Insight on His AEW TV Departure Revealed


Tully Blanchard's Insight on His AEW TV Departure Revealed
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Tully Blanchard, the renowned former manager in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently opened up about the circumstances leading to his departure from the organization's television programming. In an interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Blanchard, a veteran of the wrestling industry, shared his insights into why his tenure as the manager for the tag team FTR came to an unexpected end.

Blanchard hinted at internal dynamics within AEW, suggesting that his management style or perhaps a lack thereof might not have resonated well with certain individuals in the company. "Obviously somebody didn't like what I was doing, or lack of what I was doing," Blanchard remarked, reflecting on the abrupt conclusion of his role with FTR.

FTR's Praise and Legacy

Besides discussing his own AEW journey, Blanchard also praised FTR, the two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions, acknowledging their current standing as one of the premier tag teams in the industry.

However, he lightheartedly asserted that they still couldn't claim the title of the best tag team of all time, a distinction he reserves for himself and his former partner, Arn Anderson. "They are probably the best tag team right now," he stated, adding a humorous note that he and Anderson remain the unrivaled champions in that category.

Blanchard's association with AEW began in 2019 when he assumed the managerial role for Shawn Spears. He later transitioned to managing FTR, a collaboration that lasted for approximately one and a half years before being terminated on television.

Following this, Blanchard embarked on a new venture, establishing the Tully Blanchard Enterprises faction in Ring of Honor (ROH). However, this chapter also closed as his contract with AEW and ROH eventually expired. Blanchard's candid reflection on his AEW stint and his commendation of FTR's teamwork and in-ring prowess highlight the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

His insights offer a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of wrestling promotions and the factors that influence the careers of managers and wrestlers alike.

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