Adam Copeland Channels Wrestling for 'Percy Jackson' Role


Adam Copeland Channels Wrestling for 'Percy Jackson' Role
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Adam Copeland, known for his electrifying presence in the wrestling arena, has recently brought his larger-than-life persona to the small screen in the much-anticipated series, 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians.' In an exclusive interview with The Koalition Entertainment, the AEW star, who portrays the formidable god Ares, shared insights into how his wrestling experience proved instrumental in shaping his portrayal of the deity.

In the world of professional wrestling, where every move and expression is amplified for the audience, Copeland found a unique synergy with his character in the series. "Ares is a bit of wrestling," he explained, highlighting the parallels between the theatricality of wrestling and the grandeur required in playing a god.

"You have to be larger than life, you have to be big. That's exactly what wrestling is," he added, emphasizing the necessity of exaggerating gestures and emotions to connect with fans, whether they are ringside or seated at the farthest reaches of an 80,000-strong crowd.

Ares Role: Copeland's Mastery

This isn't Copeland's first foray into acting, but he acknowledges the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the role of Ares. His experience in the wrestling ring, where storytelling is as physical as it is verbal, provided a rich foundation for embodying the god of war.

The need to project strength, power, and charisma in a manner that resonates with both live and television audiences has been a cornerstone of his wrestling career, skills that he adeptly transfers to his acting. Copeland's transition from the wrestling mat to the mythological realms of Percy Jackson is not just a testament to his versatility as a performer but also highlights the often-overlooked skills that professional wrestlers bring to their roles.

His ability to navigate the demands of playing a larger-than-life character like Ares showcases the intersection of athleticism, performance art, and storytelling that is intrinsic to both wrestling and acting. For fans of both the wrestling world and the Percy Jackson series, Copeland's portrayal of Ares is a compelling fusion of the energy and grandeur of the wrestling ring with the mythic storytelling of the beloved book series.

His insights into the role provide a fascinating glimpse into the creative process and how experiences from one form of entertainment can enrich and inform another. As 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians' continues to capture the imagination of viewers, Copeland's embodiment of Ares stands as a powerful reminder of the dynamic range and storytelling prowess that wrestlers like him bring to the screen.

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