Attorney Stephen P. New Represents Ace Steel & CM Punk in AEW Brawl Out Case


Attorney Stephen P. New Represents Ace Steel & CM Punk in AEW Brawl Out Case
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In a revealing interview with "House of Kayfabe," renowned attorney Stephen P. New has opened up about his role in representing wrestling icons CM Punk and Ace Steel, amidst the turmoil following the infamous "Brawl Out" incident at AEW's All Out 2022 event.

This backstage altercation, which involved Punk, Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks, escalated after Punk's contentious comments at a post-show press scrum, leading to significant repercussions including Steel's temporary dismissal and suspensions for the others involved.

New's Legal Alliance

Stephen P. New, a legal heavyweight known for his work with other prominent figures in wrestling such as Jim Cornette, disclosed that Punk approached him two months post-incident to join his legal team, while Steel, who lacked a dedicated legal representative, also came under New's wing.

The attorney's longstanding fandom of wrestling since the 1980s and his deep understanding of the industry's intricacies were pivotal in establishing this professional relationship. New believes that his status as a knowledgeable fan, or "mark," in wrestling parlance, was instrumental in him being chosen to represent the pair.

During the conversation with "House of Kayfabe," New shared insights into the dynamics of his interaction with Punk and Steel. He highlighted the importance of providing an informed, external legal perspective to his clients during the fallout from the AEW incident.

While adhering to the boundaries of client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, New offered a glimpse into the broader wrestling world, including a noteworthy encounter with Punk and other AEW stars at Charleston Airport.

This meeting occurred after an AEW Dynamite show in Charleston, West Virginia, a significant event where Punk openly challenged "Hangman" Adam Page just weeks before the All Out controversy. Adding to the intrigue, New recounted an almost coincidental moment with Jack Perry at a Marriott, a prelude to a backstage clash between Perry and Punk at All In 2023.

This confrontation ultimately led to Punk's firing and his eventual return to WWE. In his interview, New praised both Punk and Steel for their integrity and straightforwardness, qualities he finds rare in the often "carny" world of professional wrestling.

This candid discussion sheds light on the complexities and backstage dynamics of the wrestling industry, further solidifying Stephen P. New's reputation as a key legal figure in the world of sports entertainment.

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