CM Punk and Ace Steel Lawyer Shares Insights on AEW Brawl Out Incident


CM Punk and Ace Steel Lawyer Shares Insights on AEW Brawl Out Incident
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Stephen P. New, the legal representative for WWE star CM Punk and his associate Ace Steel, recently shed light on the repercussions of the highly publicized 'Brawl Out' incident at AEW All Out 2022. This event, which grabbed headlines in the pro wrestling community, involved a heated locker room altercation between Punk, The Elite (comprising Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks), and Ace Steel, following Punk's contentious remarks at a media scrum.

The fallout from this backstage conflict led to suspensions for the involved parties, sparking a flurry of discussions and speculation within the wrestling world. New, speaking on the House of Kayfabe podcast, provided insights into his involvement with Punk and Steel following the incident, though he maintained discretion regarding specific legal details.

Approximately two months after the 'Brawl Out,' New was contacted by CM Punk, who was already represented by a legal team, while Ace Steel was not. New, who was already representing another unnamed client connected to the incident from the day following it, emphasized the limited nature of what he could disclose, similar to the constraints Ace faced during another podcast appearance.

Praise for Punk, Steel

In a revealing discussion, Stephen P. New, the legal counsel for WWE star CM Punk and Ace Steel, offered high praise for his clients in the wake of the notorious AEW 'Brawl Out' incident. New's remarks, made during a recent podcast, shine a light on the commendable traits of Punk and Steel, particularly their integrity and loyalty, which stand out in the often unpredictable and occasionally dubious world of professional wrestling.

Describing Punk and Steel as "two of the most stand-up, greatest guys" he's encountered in the industry, New underscored their honesty and unwavering loyalty to each other and their inner circle. This commendation offers a stark contrast to the typically tumultuous and controversial backdrop of professional wrestling, providing a more humanized perspective of these well-known figures.

The AEW 'Brawl Out' incident, which has captivated the wrestling community, saw Punk and Steel at the center of a heated backstage confrontation. The fallout of this event led to a flurry of media attention and speculation, with fans and industry observers keenly following every development.

New's insights into Punk and Steel's characters add a nuanced layer to the ongoing narrative, highlighting aspects of their personalities that often remain overshadowed by their in-ring personas.

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