Cena on the WWE Needing him to Battle AEW

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Cena on the WWE Needing him to Battle AEW

All Elite Wrestling is just around the corner and they have a lot of money! They can hire any wrestler that they want to hire and they already have some of the best indie wrestlers of the world. The WWE still has most of the best wrestlers of the world so the AEW will need to work really hard to beat them.

It is true though that the WWE’s fan base is dwindling. WWE still has John Cena, who was regarded as one of the world’s best wrestlers. He was with Sport Illustrated and they asked Cena about AEW. They asked Cena if the WWE requires him to beat the AEW.

Cena stated that he is not clear about what he would be doing at the WWE in the future, but he stated that he will be open to anything as he loves the WWE and the company in general. He went on as far as to say that he might even start coaching at WWE’s Performance Center.

John Cena’s last appearance for the WWE took place at this year’s WrestleMania. He came out with his Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick, and completely destroyed Elias. Many fans wanted to see him return and it looked as if he turned heel.

He stated,” I need to define what my new role is. That's the conversation I'm having with myself at 42 after performing for 16 years straight."