Red Velvet's Journey from 'Tough Enough' to AEW Stardom


Red Velvet's Journey from 'Tough Enough' to AEW Stardom
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Professional wrestler Red Velvet, currently a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared her inspiring journey into the world of wrestling on Elijah Burke's podcast, "The Pope's Point of View." Her story, a testament to perseverance and passion, began with an unexpected catalyst: the WWE reality show "WWE Tough Enough." Before her venture into wrestling, Velvet was a dedicated dancer.

However, a pivotal moment in her life led her to reconsider her career path. She described a period of personal turmoil following a difficult breakup, which coincided with her growing dissatisfaction with dance. It was during this time that she stumbled upon "WWE Tough Enough" on television, a moment that would redefine her career trajectory.

Red Velvet's Wrestling Debut

"WWE Tough Enough," known for launching the careers of wrestlers like John Morrison and Maven, offers aspiring wrestlers a chance to break into the industry. For Velvet, seeing the show reignited her long-dormant interest in wrestling.

She was particularly intrigued by the opportunity the show presented: a chance to enter WWE with no prior wrestling training. This prompted her to create and submit a tryout video for the show, marking the first time she used the ring name Red Velvet.

Despite her enthusiasm and efforts, WWE ultimately did not select her for the show. Undeterred, Velvet embarked on a journey to learn the craft of wrestling. She began by researching wrestling schools, eventually discovering Team 3D Academy, the only wrestling school within her vicinity in Miami, Florida.

As she set out for her first training session, she faced yet another obstacle: a car accident in June 2015. However, this incident did not dampen her resolve. Velvet's perseverance paid off. She continued her training, ultimately leading to her successful career in AEW.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact of resilience and dedication in the pursuit of one's dreams. It's a narrative that resonates not just with wrestling fans but with anyone facing their own personal challenges and aspirations.