AEW Secures Deal with WBD: Insights from Dave Meltzer


AEW Secures Deal with WBD: Insights from Dave Meltzer
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In a recent development in the world of professional wrestling, Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist, shared critical insights regarding All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) ongoing TV rights agreement with Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD).

According to Meltzer’s statements on social media, the contract for broadcasting AEW's flagship shows – "AEW Dynamite," "AEW Collision," and "AEW Rampage" – is set to expire on December 31, 2024. This timeline suggests that WBD has chosen to exercise a one-year extension option within their existing agreement with Tony Khan’s AEW.

Initially, the AEW-WBD partnership was scheduled to conclude at the end of 2023. During a segment on "Wrestling Observer Radio," Meltzer elaborated on the financial implications of the extended deal. He mentioned, "The option year, again, I don't know the numbers, but I do know that when they signed the four-year deal [in 2019], the option year, 2024, was for a pretty big increase." Meltzer raised a crucial question about the future beyond this extension, pondering whether AEW would secure a stable position for the following five years or face significant changes.

Khan Optimistic About WBD Partnership

Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW, commented on the company's relationship with WBD amidst speculation that WBD might also be interested in acquiring the TV rights for "WWE Raw." Speaking at the ROH Final Battle media scrum last week, Khan expressed optimism, mentioning that he had "really good talks" with WBD recently and affirming a robust partnership between AEW and the media giant.

Adding another perspective to the discussion, Eric Bischoff, the former head of WCW and a frequent critic of Khan, voiced a stark opinion. Bischoff believes that losing WBD as a broadcast partner would be an irreversible setback for AEW.

As the wrestling world keenly observes these developments, the strategic moves by AEW and WBD will undoubtedly shape the landscape of professional wrestling broadcasting. The industry eagerly awaits further updates, especially regarding AEW's strategies to navigate this crucial phase in their growth and partnership with WBD.

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