Toni Storm AEW Title Challenger Confirmed on Dynamite


Toni Storm AEW Title Challenger Confirmed on Dynamite
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In an exhilarating twist to the AEW Women's World Championship saga, Riho, the trailblazing first-ever titleholder, is poised to make a sensational return to the spotlight at the much-anticipated AEW Worlds End event. Her target? The formidable current champion, Toni Storm.

This electrifying development unfolded during the latest installment of "AEW Dynamite," captivating audiences with a No. 1 Contender's match of high-octane action. In a showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats, Riho clashed with Saraya, showcasing a blend of skill and determination.

The climax of this fierce battle saw Riho executing a stunning series of running double knees, securing her victory and the opportunity to reclaim her once-held glory.

Storm's Ringside Drama

As Riho reveled in her triumphant moment, Storm, who had been observing from the commentary desk, made her presence felt in the ring.

In a display of mocking arrogance, Storm employed opera glasses to scrutinize her upcoming challenger. The tension escalated when Riho momentarily gained the upper hand in an ensuing scuffle. However, the drama intensified as Mariah May, in a shocking twist, blindsided Riho with the very belt that Storm holds dear.

Interestingly, Storm's reaction to this intervention was less than enthusiastic, adding a complex layer to their brewing rivalry. Rewinding to October 2019, Riho etched her name in history on the debut episode of "Dynamite," triumphing over Nyla Rose to become the inaugural AEW Women's Champion.

Her reign, though marked by impressive feats, was cut short by "The Native Beast" in February 2020. Since losing the title, Riho's appearances in AEW have been sporadic, yet she remained a formidable contender, challenging stalwarts like Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, albeit unsuccessfully.

With the stage set for AEW Worlds End, the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation. Besides the headline-grabbing Riho vs. Storm showdown, other high-stakes matches are slated, including MJF defending the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe, and the climax of the Continental Classic, where the victors of the Blue and Gold Leagues will collide.

This ensemble of matches promises to deliver a spectacle of athleticism, strategy, and drama, further cementing AEW's status as a powerhouse of professional wrestling entertainment.

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