Dax Harwood Hails Recent Bout as Career-Defining Match in AEW


Dax Harwood Hails Recent Bout as Career-Defining Match in AEW
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where athletes encounter a myriad of challenges and adversaries, Dax Harwood's journey stands out for its versatility and impact. Having graced the rings of WWE, NJPW, AEW, and ROH, Harwood has faced diverse opponents and engaged in numerous high-stakes matches.

Yet, none may hold as much significance as his latest endeavor at the ROH Final Battle. Reflecting on his career, it becomes apparent that the 2022 Final Battle event, where Harwood and his FTR partner Cash Wheeler engaged in a gripping Dog Collar tag team match against The Briscoe Brothers, was a pivotal moment.

However, it's the recent ROH Final Battle that takes a profound place in Harwood's professional narrative. This year's event saw Harwood and Wheeler teaming up with Mark Briscoe in a special trios match. This match was more than a competition; it was a tribute to Mark's late brother, Jay Briscoe, who tragically passed away in a car accident in January 2023.

Rivalry's Emotional Climax

The match held immense emotional weight, considering FTR's extensive and storied rivalry with the Briscoes. Emerging victorious in this emotionally charged bout, Harwood expressed his deep sentiments during the ROH Final Battle post-show media scrum.

He reflected on the journey from feeling underappreciated in previous affiliations to finding a platform in AEW and Ring of Honor that valued and showcased their talents. The rivalry with the Briscoes was a significant part of this journey.

Harwood candidly shared his feelings about the intensity and quality of the matches with the Briscoes, acknowledging them as a high point in his career. He expressed a sense of fulfillment and contentment with his career trajectory, particularly highlighting the recent match in honor of Jay Briscoe as the most crucial of his career.

This match wasn't just another entry in the record books; it was a poignant moment, marking the convergence of professional rivalry, personal respect, and shared grief. At the time of Jay Briscoe's untimely demise, The Briscoes were reigning as the ROH World Tag Team Champions, having seized the title from FTR in the unforgettable Dog Collar match.

This context adds layers to the significance of the recent trios match, embedding it as a landmark moment in Harwood's illustrious wrestling career.

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