Sasha Banks' WWE Return, AEW Champ May Follow, Predicts Jeff Dye


Sasha Banks' WWE Return, AEW Champ May Follow, Predicts Jeff Dye
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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about the future of former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. Since her last match in May 2023, rumors have swirled about her potential return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) next year.

Adding fuel to the fire, reports have surfaced regarding Banks' asking price for a WWE comeback. The topic gained further traction on the "Wrestling with Freddie" podcast, where comedian Jeff Dye shared his predictions about the popular wrestler.

Dye is confident about Banks' return, particularly under the creative direction of WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H. "Where does Sasha Banks land? It's not AEW. She's gonna come to WWE. She's gonna come right back. That's my prediction," Dye stated emphatically.

This speculation comes amidst a backdrop of Banks' notable absence from wrestling since last year.

MJF's WWE Future: Dye's Insight

The conversation didn't end with Banks. Dye also touched on the future of AEW World Champion MJF, who has been a subject of WWE transfer rumors.

Even Cody Rhodes, a prominent wrestling figure, has previously commented on this possibility. Dye's take on MJF's future was clear: "I think MJF is going to go to WWE. It's time for that next big step for him, that next big stage." Dye elaborated on his viewpoint, suggesting that WWE's potential financial offer would be a significant lure for MJF.

"They're gonna throw a heap of money at MJF, and he's gonna go, 'Alright, I'll see what I can do over here,'" Dye predicted. He further added that if MJF's WWE stint doesn't pan out as hoped, his stature in the wrestling world would allow him to easily pivot back to other promotions.

Prior to her departure from WWE in 2022, Banks, known in real life as Mercedes Mone, held the Women's Tag Team Championship with Naomi. They triumphed in three consecutive matches against Natalya and Shayna Baszler in May that year.

Since leaving WWE, Banks has been active mainly in NJPW events, while Naomi, real name Trinity, has joined IMPACT Wrestling. The wrestling community is now keenly watching to see if Triple H will orchestrate Banks' much-anticipated return to WWE.

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