Tony Khan Discusses Collaboration with Von Erichs in AEW


Tony Khan Discusses Collaboration with Von Erichs in AEW
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AEW President Tony Khan recently shared insights on why he decided to bring the Von Erich family into the AEW and ROH spotlight. This strategic move coincides with the release of the movie 'The Iron Claw' and the location of recent ROH and AEW events.

Marshall and Ross Von Erich, alongside their father Kevin Von Erich, have been featured in both ROH and AEW shows. In a media scrum following the ROH Final Battle, Khan detailed his motivations for involving the legendary wrestling family in his shows.

Khan revealed that the initial contact with the Von Erichs was made through a representative who reached out to Sonjay Dutt, a prominent figure in wrestling management. "When Sonjay called me about the possibility of featuring the Von Erichs in Dallas, I was immediately interested," Khan stated.

He emphasized that the timing aligned perfectly with the release of 'The Iron Claw,' a film in which AEW has significant involvement. MJF, a well-known AEW wrestler, not only acts in the movie but is also an executive producer.

This connection, along with AEW's partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery and their relationship with A24, the film's distributor, made the collaboration even more appealing.

Von Erichs: Texas Connection

Khan pointed out that the primary reason for including the Von Erichs was their deep-rooted connection to Texas, particularly the Dallas Metroplex, fondly known as "Von Erich country." He expressed his gratitude to the family, especially to Kevin Von Erich, for the opportunity to host shows in their home territory.

"It was a privilege to work with Ross and Marshall, and to bring our events to a place with such a rich wrestling heritage," Khan added. This strategic collaboration highlights AEW's commitment to honoring wrestling's legacy while forging new partnerships and narratives.

The inclusion of the Von Erichs not only pays homage to wrestling history but also aligns with AEW's ongoing efforts to deliver compelling storylines and unique wrestling experiences to its fans. As AEW continues to evolve, such collaborations are a testament to its dynamic approach in the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

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