Joey Ryan on Turning Down AEW

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Joey Ryan on Turning Down AEW

Joey Ryan is a very popular indie wrestler. He was asked to join the WWE by the WWE. Even AEW gave him an offer. Joey rejected their offers and chose to instead work on the indie circuit. This might be a surprise for most wrestling journalist as AEW consists of the most famous indie wrestlers of the world.

The WWE might not handle Joey well, but there was a good chance that he would have been booked well had he chose to join AEW. On the Not Sam Wrestling podcast he had this to say about turning down AEW’s offer. "It's just finding out what can play and what can't play.

They are obviously a new company and they're still figuring it out as they go, but as it came to decisions with them we realized that they are going to be successful without me, I am going to be succesful without them.

Maybe our paths will cross at some point but there is no urgency to it and neither one needs the other right now. It would be nice to work with my friends but it is not a necessity right now until they figure out and learn their own product with how they present it," said Ryan.

Most indie wrestlers dream of working for a big wrestling promotion such as the WWE or AEW. AEW is still quite new but they are one of the richest wrestling promotions in the world.