Dax Harwood Honored in AEW Year-End Awards


Dax Harwood Honored in AEW Year-End Awards
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, FTR has consistently emerged as a standout tag team, captivating audiences in both WWE and AEW. Their impressive performance in 2023 has been a testament to their enduring appeal and skill.

Dax Harwood, one half of this formidable duo, recently expressed his gratitude on X (formerly Twitter) for the accolades received this year, a clear indication of FTR's impact on the wrestling landscape. Harwood's post was a jubilant acknowledgment of the recognition from esteemed publications and organizations.

"2023. ESPN. NEW YORK POST. PWI Magazine. Living Legends. Top Guys," he proudly announced. This celebratory moment was enhanced by Harwood sharing screenshots of the awards, including Tag Team of the Year from the New York Post and a nod from ESPN.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) further honored them by ranking Harwood and his tag partner Cash Wheeler as the #1 tag team in the world, a prestigious accolade that Harwood underscored by including a photo of the physical edition of PWI where this achievement was featured.

Triumph Amidst Trials

The year was not without its challenges for FTR, particularly when they lost the AEW World Tag Team Championship in October to Ricky Starks and Big Bill during the "AEW Collision" event.

This setback, however, did not dampen their spirit. Wheeler's brief hiatus due to injury in the fall only served as a temporary pause in their journey. His return to the ring brought renewed vigor to the team, evident in their recent collaboration with Mark Briscoe at ROH Final Battle.

Here, they triumphed over the Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, and Bryan Danielson in a poignant Fight Without Honor Match, dedicated to the memory of Mark's late brother, Jay. For Harwood, this match wasn't just another victory; it was a career-defining moment, imbued with emotional significance.

He openly expressed that teaming with Wheeler and Briscoe was an experience he would welcome again, especially if it paved the way for a potential AEW World Trios Championship Match against The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. FTR's journey in 2023 encapsulates the essence of professional wrestling – a blend of athletic prowess, emotional storytelling, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

Harwood and Wheeler's acknowledgments and aspirations reflect not just their personal journey but also the vibrant, ever-evolving world of AEW and WWE wrestling.

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