Mariah May's AEW Ring Debut Set for Early 2024


Mariah May's AEW Ring Debut Set for Early 2024
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In a highly anticipated move that has the wrestling world buzzing, Mariah May, the latest addition to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is poised to make a striking debut in the squared circle. Her first match is scheduled for the inaugural "AEW Dynamite" episode of 2024, marking a significant milestone in her promising career.

The announcement came during a recent "Dynamite" episode, where May, in a conversation with Renee Paquette, expressed her eagerness to step into the AEW ring. "You've all waited so patiently for my debut, and I'm here to tell you when it's going to be.

I didn't really feel like 2023 had the best energy, you know, not enough glamour. So my debut is going to be next week on the first 'Dynamite' of the new year because 2024 is all about Mariah," May stated, setting the stage for what promises to be a dazzling entrance into AEW.

Adding to the intrigue, Riho, a former adversary, made a dramatic appearance following May's announcement, leading to a heated chase that ended up in the ring. However, before Riho could confront May, Toni Storm, the reigning AEW Women's World Champion, intervened, leading to a tumultuous altercation.

Despite the chaos, Riho managed to turn the tables on Storm and her butler Luther, showcasing her resilience and fighting spirit.

May's AEW Ascension

May's journey to AEW has been remarkable. She signed with the promotion in November and has been on a hiatus from wrestling since September.

Her last match, a display of her skill and tenacity, was against Hanan in Stardom. Now, aligning with Toni Storm, May is positioned at the heart of AEW's dynamic women's division. The upcoming "AEW Worlds End" pay-per-view event promises to be a pivotal moment.

Storm is set to defend her title against Riho, and with May now part of Storm's circle, speculation is rife about her potential involvement in the match. Such an interference could very well set the stage for an explosive showdown between May and Riho on the next "Dynamite." May's entry into AEW is not just a new chapter in her career; it signifies a fresh wave of excitement and competition in the women's division.

Fans are eagerly anticipating her debut, speculating on who she might face and what impact she will have on the AEW landscape. As 2024 unfolds, all eyes are on Mariah May, a rising star ready to shine in the world of professional wrestling.