Bully Ray: AEW Worlds End PPV Worth It for Kingston-Moxley


Bully Ray: AEW Worlds End PPV Worth It for Kingston-Moxley
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The stage is set for a monumental clash at the AEW Continental Classic final, where Eddie Kingston will lock horns with Jon Moxley. This high-stakes encounter, slated for this Saturday at the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view, features Kingston putting his Strong Openweight and ROH World Championships on the line.

The anticipation for this match is sky-high, especially after the intense verbal exchange between Kingston and Moxley, long-standing friends turned rivals. The wrestling world is abuzz with excitement, and Bully Ray's comments on "Busted Open Radio" encapsulate the sentiment perfectly.

"Bravo Eddie, bravo [Bryan] Danielson, bravo Moxley," Ray exclaimed, highlighting the exemplary performance between Moxley and Danielson on 'Dynamite.' Ray, known for his selective commentary, admitted that the powerful dialogue between Kingston and Moxley post-match was a compelling selling point for the pay-per-view.

His endorsement is significant, considering his stature in the wrestling community.

Kingston's Career-Defining Moment?

Ray also delved into the strategic implications of the match, raising an intriguing question to his co-host Tommy Dreamer.

He pondered whether Kingston's potential victory was necessary to break the "outdated" belief that a popular babyface doesn't need wins to maintain their status. Dreamer responded affirmatively, suggesting that Kingston's triumph would not only satisfy the fans' desires but also be a pivotal moment in his career.

Moxley, a well-established figure, could afford the loss, whereas this win could be a defining moment for Kingston. Kingston's journey to the finals was no easy feat, having defeated Bryan Danielson, another member of the Blackpool Combat Club.

On the other side, Moxley earned his spot by overcoming formidable opponents Jay White and Swerve Strickland on "Dynamite." This upcoming match isn't just a title bout; it's a rematch steeped in history. Their last one-on-one showdown at Full Gear 2020, where Moxley emerged victorious in an "I Quit" match, only adds layers to this already intense rivalry.

This Saturday's showdown isn't just a wrestling match; it's a narrative-rich battle between two of AEW's finest, promising to deliver an unforgettable spectacle. As fans and commentators alike eagerly await, the question remains – will Kingston's quest for redemption culminate in victory, or will Moxley continue his reign of dominance?

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