Sammy Guevara Recalls AEW All Out 2020 Match with Matt Hardy


Sammy Guevara Recalls AEW All Out 2020 Match with Matt Hardy
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In a recent candid interview with Chris Van Vliet, AEW sensation Sammy Guevara delved into various aspects of his wrestling career, particularly the unforgettable match against Matt Hardy at AEW All Out 2020, which involved a harrowing table spot.

Recalling the heart-pounding moment, Guevara admitted, "That was scary for everybody. The tables were, I think, too close. That's what it was. Yeah, they were a little bit further or we went too high on the scissor lift." The incident left fans and wrestlers alike holding their breath, but Guevara emphasized the extensive planning that had gone into the match, saying, "We had so much cool stuff for that match, like, so much.

I was actually getting thrown off Daily's Place to end the thing. We were going to climb to the roof at Daily's Place."

Reflecting on AEW's Toughest Moment

However, the match is undeniably etched in the annals of AEW history as one of its more challenging moments.

Guevara acknowledged this, stating, "Unfortunately, it's remembered as one of the worst moments in AEW, but I think it was a lot of learning from all aspects of what to do in a situation like that." The young wrestler's compassion and respect for his opponent were also evident as he discussed Matt Hardy's condition, saying, "I'm just happy Matt was okay.

I remember when I was in the back crying; I was so upset. He's a hero of mine, and stuff keeps happening because the chair thing just happened a couple of weeks before that. And I followed him to the hospital and I stayed with him until like five in the morning to make sure he was good." Despite the challenging circumstances, Sammy Guevara praised Matt Hardy's professionalism and dedication to their storyline.

He noted, "But I will say respect to Matt because he could have said, 'You know what? It is just not working out with this kid. Don't want to work with him anymore.' But he's still working with me." Their rivalry didn't come to an abrupt end, and they went on to have an unforgettable Elite Deletion match at Matt Hardy's compound.

Guevara emphasized that this decision showed Matt Hardy's commitment to finishing the story the right way rather than walking away. As the wrestling world looks back on this infamous match, Sammy Guevara's perspective offers valuable insights into the resilience and camaraderie that define the wrestling industry.

The incident may have been a low point, but the subsequent journey and the bond between Guevara and Hardy demonstrate the true spirit of professional wrestling.

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