Details Emerge on Dana Massie's Exit from AEW


Details Emerge on Dana Massie's Exit from AEW
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Dana Massie, notably recognized as Matt Jackson's spouse and a pivotal figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has announced her departure from the company, effective at the year's end. Massie's role as the Marketing and Merchandising Officer has been central since AEW's formation.

Despite being offered a renewed contract, Massie chose to step down, a decision that was initially communicated to the company in October. This news, detailed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, highlights a significant shift within AEW's internal dynamics.

The treatment of The Young Bucks, a tag team including her husband, post-"Brawl Out", is cited as a primary factor influencing Massie's decision. While the Bucks secured new contracts, there's an ongoing sentiment that AEW failed to adequately restore their reputations following the event.

This perceived oversight is speculated to have played a considerable role in Massie's decision to leave.

Massie's Impactful Legacy

Massie's influence in AEW extends back to its early days. Engaging in discussions with Tony Khan since 2018, she has been instrumental in various backstage aspects and overall development of the company.

Her departure not only signifies the end of an era but also leaves noticeable gaps in key operational areas. Despite criticisms around AEW's local marketing efforts and merchandise availability at events, Massie's exact operational constraints remain unspecified.

As AEW prepares to navigate this transition, speculations about Massie's future endeavors are rife. She might explore new product ideas involving The Young Bucks, especially under the recently trademarked "Killing The Business" moniker.

However, these prospects are yet to be confirmed. Massie's exit from AEW marks a significant turning point for the company. Her contributions have been integral to its growth and market presence. As AEW moves forward, filling the void left by Massie's expertise in marketing and merchandising will be a challenge.

This change comes at a time when the company is striving to solidify its position in the competitive world of professional wrestling entertainment.