Teddy Long Addresses Concerns with AEW


Teddy Long Addresses Concerns with AEW
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In a candid discussion on "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge," Teddy Long, a revered figure in professional wrestling and a WWE Hall of Famer, expressed his concerns about the current state of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Long, known for his extensive experience and knowledge in wrestling management, pinpointed what he perceives as a fundamental problem within AEW: a significant lack of effective leadership and rampant favoritism.

Long didn't mince words in his critique. "Whatever happens to them, they deserve it because they had it, but what they did is listen to other people that didn't want certain people in so [they say] 'Hey, bring my guy, not him.

He ain't going to do us any good, let's bring him.' It's all favoritism, and some of them, that's all they know — favoritism," he stated. This bold statement sheds light on the internal dynamics of AEW, suggesting that personal biases rather than professional merit dictate decisions.

QT Marshall's Exit

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Long also discussed the recent departure of QT Marshall, AEW's former Vice President of Show and Creative Coordination. Long speculated that Marshall's exit could be attributed to his non-alignment with the company's internal cliques.

"I really don't know him [QT] but I was hearing you speaking about a little bit about his background, with all the power he had there in AEW. He may have got that power because maybe somebody had promised him, 'Hey, we're going to give you this, we're going to move you to this,' but as soon as the clique got started and he wasn't part of the clique, then he sees what happens.

How can you go from all this power you got there to resigning?" Long questioned, highlighting the potentially volatile backstage politics in AEW. Despite his criticisms, Long expressed hope for AEW's future. He advocated for the involvement of industry veterans like Chris Jericho and Jake "The Snake" Roberts in managing talent relations, praising Jericho as "the smartest guy in the business." Long's endorsement of Jericho and Roberts underscores his belief in the need for experienced and wise leadership to steer AEW in the right direction.

Long's insights offer a rare glimpse into the challenges faced by a major wrestling promotion. His comments not only stir up questions about AEW's internal workings but also reflect broader issues in professional wrestling management.

As AEW continues to grow in popularity and influence, the resolution of these leadership and favoritism issues will be crucial for its sustained success and credibility in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

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