Kevin Nash Critiques AEW Shows vs. WWE Raw


Kevin Nash Critiques AEW Shows vs. WWE Raw
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Wrestling icon Kevin Nash has recently voiced his concerns about the noticeable disparity in production quality between AEW and WWE, specifically highlighting the visual impact of empty seats at AEW events. Speaking on his "Kliq This" podcast, Nash used the example of a video from Jim Ross's entrance in Oklahoma City, which inadvertently showcased several unoccupied seats in the venue.

Nash, a seasoned voice in the wrestling world, observed that this lack of audience fullness at AEW events creates a stark contrast when compared to WWE shows, particularly "WWE Raw." His observations point out a crucial aspect of televised wrestling shows – the visual appeal and the perception of popularity.

This is especially relevant in today's media-driven world, where image and presentation play a significant role in audience engagement and perception. The discussion on the podcast highlighted the importance of production values in professional wrestling, where the illusion of a packed, lively arena can significantly enhance the viewing experience.

Nash pointed out that while WWE has been consistently selling out venues for its "Raw" and "SmackDown" shows, AEW's "Dynamite" and "Collision" have been struggling to reach similar numbers, with ticket sales hovering around the 4000 mark.

Nash Highlights Production Issues

Nash's critique extends beyond just the number of seats filled. He emphasizes the overall production quality, suggesting that AEW's presentation may not be on par with its competitor, WWE.

In an era where viewers are accustomed to high-definition, visually captivating content, Nash believes that AEW needs to step up its game to match the production standards of WWE. This difference in production quality and audience attendance is not just a matter of optics; it's a reflection of the current state of the wrestling industry, where WWE continues to dominate in terms of both viewer numbers and production values.

For AEW, addressing these issues is crucial to enhance their television presence and compete effectively with WWE. As AEW continues to grow and evolve in the competitive world of professional wrestling, Nash's comments serve as a reminder of the importance of production quality and audience engagement in creating a successful televised wrestling product.

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