Eric Bischoff Remarks on His Alleged Exit from AEW


Eric Bischoff Remarks on His Alleged Exit from AEW
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In a recent episode of "83 Weeks," wrestling icon Eric Bischoff delved into the intriguing developments within All Elite Wrestling (AEW), particularly addressing the departure of Rafael Morffi, the Executive President of Live Events/Touring, from the promotion.

Bischoff's comments come amidst a notable trend of executive exits from AEW, contrasting with WWE's approach of releasing talent waves. Bischoff began by critiquing some of the internet's reactions to Morffi's departure, pointing out the superficial understanding of the wrestling business by certain online commentators.

"I think that's a pretty typical example of the collective intelligence of the internet wrestling audience," he remarked, highlighting the gap in industry knowledge among some fans. He then shifted focus to the qualities needed in whoever steps into Morffi's former role.

Bischoff underscored the importance of strong business relationships in the wrestling industry, noting their potential to make or break a company. However, he cautioned that hiring someone from outside AEW could present significant challenges for the organization.

AEW's Leadership Dilemma

The impact of Morffi's exit, according to Bischoff, remains to be seen. He suggested that these executive changes reflect critical decisions by AEW's chief, Tony Khan. Bischoff presented two scenarios: one where Khan is proactively seeking a fresh approach and new talent, which he sees as a commendable risk.

The other scenario, more concerning to Bischoff, involves executives leaving due to an inability to effect positive changes within AEW. "If he's made the decision 'We need to reset, we need to approach our business differently, and in order to do that I need some fresh bodies in those chairs.'

Okay, give him credit, it's a risk, but it's a move!" Bischoff stated. Conversely, he warned, "But if it's the other way around? And you have people going 'Can't do it. Tired' and then moving on to something else? That's a big problem." As AEW navigates through these executive shifts, Bischoff's insights offer a valuable perspective on the complexities and challenges facing the wrestling promotion.

His comments not only reflect on Morffi's departure but also provide a broader understanding of the strategic maneuvers within the wrestling industry.

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