Samoa Joe Wins AEW Title, Ends MJF's 407-Day Reign at Worlds End

Samoa Joe's stunning victory reshapes AEW's championship landscape.

by Noman Rasool
Samoa Joe Wins AEW Title, Ends MJF's 407-Day Reign at Worlds End
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In an electrifying turn of events, Samoa Joe clinched the AEW World Championship title at Worlds End, stunning the audience in Long Island and marking the end of MJF's remarkable 407-day reign. This matchup, which served as a gripping rematch of their September clash during "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam," saw MJF valiantly defending his title for the 12th time.

However, despite his formidable efforts, Joe emerged as the victor in a bout that will be remembered for its high stakes and dramatic twists. The championship encounter was intense, with both wrestlers showcasing their exceptional skills.

MJF, battling through the pain of a torn labrum, was accompanied by Adam Cole, his former ROH Tag title-winning partner. Cole's presence at ringside was pivotal but ultimately led to an unforeseen blunder. In a critical moment, Cole attempted to hand the "Dynamite Diamond Ring" to MJF to gain an upper hand, only to fumble, inadvertently setting the stage for Joe's victory.

Seizing the opportunity, Joe expertly applied the Coquina Clutch. MJF nearly turned the tables with a surprise roll-up, but Joe's mastery of the submission move proved too much, leading to the referee's stoppage.

Joe's Shocking Championship Win

The conclusion of the match left both the audience and referee Bryce Remsburg in disbelief.

As Joe triumphantly exited with the world title, a sense of shock permeated the arena, with MJF lying defeated before his hometown fans. This moment marked a significant shift in the AEW landscape, as Joe ascended to the pinnacle of the wrestling world.

Samoa Joe's victory ushers in a new era in AEW, with him at the helm as the reigning world champion. His triumph comes after a year dominated by MJF's impressive title run. MJF's perseverance, despite his injury, has been a testament to his dedication and skill in the ring.

As Samoa Joe steps into 2024 with the championship belt, the AEW universe eagerly anticipates what the new year will bring under his reign. This dramatic shift at Worlds End has set the stage for an exhilarating year ahead in professional wrestling.

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