AEW's Initial Blueprint: Samoa Joe vs. MJF Clash at World's End


AEW's Initial Blueprint: Samoa Joe vs. MJF Clash at World's End
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This past Saturday, AEW's World's End event etched itself into wrestling history with moments that rivaled the unforgettable Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS for Chicago Cubs fans. In a stunning turn of events, MJF's reign as AEW World Champion was halted by the formidable Samoa Joe.

The night was further dramatized by a shocking betrayal: MJF's closest ally, Adam Cole, revealed himself as the orchestrator of his downfall. Cole, accompanied by Roderick Strong, Wardlow, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett, delivered a crushing blow to MJF, concluding the event with a dramatic spectacle.

Adding to the intensity, this unraveling took place in MJF's own backyard of Long Island, adding a personal and poignant touch to the night's proceedings. Dave Meltzer, on Sunday's edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," unveiled that AEW had long planned for Joe's victory over MJF at World's End, a decision set in stone well before MJF's string of injuries began.

AEW's foresight ensured that the World Title was destined for Samoa Joe, irrespective of MJF's physical condition.

MJF's Injury and Hiatus

MJF's injuries, particularly a torn labrum in his left shoulder, will significantly impact his future in AEW.

He is anticipated to take a prolonged break from AEW television to recover. Amidst speculation about his contractual status with AEW, both MJF and AEW owner Tony Khan have recently fueled the narrative of a "bidding war of 2024." However, the prevailing belief in the wrestling community is that MJF has already renewed his contract with AEW, and his forthcoming hiatus is merely an extension of the ongoing storyline.

This dramatic culmination at AEW's World's End not only reshapes the landscape of the federation but also leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this compelling saga. As Samoa Joe ascends to his new role as the AEW World Champion, the wrestling world watches with bated breath to see how the storylines will evolve, especially in the wake of MJF's absence.

This event, rich in narrative twists and athletic prowess, reinforces AEW's position as a powerhouse in the world of wrestling entertainment.

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