Eddie Kingston Shares His Go-To Sources for Advice in AEW Backstage


Eddie Kingston Shares His Go-To Sources for Advice in AEW Backstage
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Eddie Kingston, a renowned star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has recently opened up about his journey of constant improvement in the wrestling world. Despite his remarkable victory in the inaugural Continental Classic, Kingston humbly acknowledges the importance of seeking advice from seasoned professionals in the industry.

His candid revelations were shared during an engaging conversation with "Gabby AF." Kingston, known for his charismatic presence and in-ring prowess, considers Homicide as his primary mentor. He appreciates the immediate feedback he receives from Homicide, whether it's a text post-match or a thorough discussion likened to a "Monday evening quarterback." This bond highlights the critical role of mentorship in professional wrestling, where experience and perspective are invaluable.

Interestingly, Kingston's relationship with fellow wrestler Jon Moxley resembles that of brothers – a mix of camaraderie and rivalry. He describes their dynamic as fluctuating between close communication, including holiday greetings, and intense disagreements.

This honest portrayal of their interactions adds depth to their on-screen personas, illustrating the complexities of relationships in professional wrestling.

Kingston's Trusted Mentors

Kingston also values insights from other respected figures in the industry, such as Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Ortiz, and Ethan Page.

Their diverse experiences and approaches to wrestling provide Kingston with a rich pool of knowledge to draw from. However, Kingston is selective about whom he mentors, emphasizing the importance of genuine intent in seeking guidance.

He expresses a keen awareness of those who seek advice merely for appearances, choosing instead to invest his time and knowledge in individuals genuinely committed to learning and growing in the business. Eddie Kingston's approach to mentorship and personal development in AEW underscores the intricate network of relationships and learning within professional wrestling.

His openness about seeking and offering advice reflects a deep respect for the craft and a commitment to continual improvement, setting an example for upcoming talents in the industry.

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