Samoa Joe's Bold Call: 'Name a Wrestler, I'll Whip Them!


Samoa Joe's Bold Call: 'Name a Wrestler, I'll Whip Them!
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Newly crowned AEW World Champion Samoa Joe, in a display of sheer confidence and defiance, made a striking statement during the AEW Worlds End media scrum following his monumental title victory. Joe, known for his no-nonsense attitude and formidable prowess in the ring, did not mince words when he was questioned about his future plans and potential challengers as the champion.

With an air of unyielding determination, Joe declared, “I’ll whip Hangman Adam Page’s ass any day of the week. Swerve can get it too, sure”. His message was clear and direct, extending a bold challenge to anyone who dared to step up.

“Who’s your favorite? Go ahead, shout out their name, I’ll whip their ass,” he added, emphasizing his readiness to take on any contender, regardless of their reputation or fan following.

Joe's Open Challenge

This statement isn’t just a typical bravado-filled declaration; it's a testament to Joe's fighting spirit and his willingness to face any opponent.

“Y’all think this is going to be, ‘Oh, I want this guy, I want that guy…’I’ll take them all,” Joe asserted, showcasing his readiness to confront any and all challengers in the ring.

His words weren't just for the contenders but also a message to the fans, asserting that his reign as champion would be marked by relentless combat and an open challenge to any wrestler in AEW. Joe also took a moment to address the culture of wrestlers engaging in verbal battles on social media platforms like Twitter.

“Hey, you can do that stuff on Twitter, but come bring that shit to my face, see what happens,” he stated, drawing a line between online bravado and real-world confrontations. He emphasized the difference between starting online feuds and the courage it takes to face him in the ring.

In a wrestling world often dominated by loudmouths and theatrics, Samoa Joe stands out with his straightforward, battle-ready approach. “Everybody is starting fights around here, but nobody starts a fight with me. Come fight me,” he concluded, throwing down the gauntlet to any wrestler brave enough to accept his challenge.

Joe’s declaration is not just a statement; it's a challenge that resonates throughout the AEW locker room. It remains to be seen who will step up to the challenge and whether Samoa Joe’s reign as AEW World Champion will be as dominant as his words suggest. One thing is certain: Samoa Joe is ready for any challenger, any time, any place.

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