Swerve Strickland Lauds AEW Classic


Swerve Strickland Lauds AEW Classic
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Eddie Kingston's recent victory in the inaugural Continental Classic, earning him the title of AEW's first Triple Crown Champion, has created a significant buzz in the pro wrestling community. The tournament has been widely acclaimed for its innovative sports-based booking, which has consistently engaged audiences week after week.

Notably, even though he didn't make it to the finals, Swerve Strickland expressed his admiration for the event's format and its impact on the wrestling industry. In an interview with Jim Varsallone, Strickland highlighted the refreshing change the Continental Classic brought to professional wrestling.

He praised the novel approach of using a round-robin style tournament, contrasting it with the traditional knockout format used in events like the Owen Hart Cup. Strickland pointed out that the conventional approach often leads to potential high-stakes matches being missed, as competitors are eliminated immediately upon losing.

This, according to Strickland, is where the Continental Classic stood out. It offered fans the chance to witness a variety of matchups within each league, ensuring that all participants had an opportunity to showcase their skills, regardless of their standings.

Strickland enthusiastically described the fans' engagement with the tournament, noting their excitement at the prospect of different matchups and the unpredictable outcomes. “The scoring system added an extra layer of intrigue and made the tournament even more enjoyable,” he said.

This level of engagement, Strickland believes, is particularly appealing to true wrestling connoisseurs, who relish the complexities and strategic elements of the sport.

AEW's Milestone Achievement

The success of the Continental Classic, culminating in Kingston's historic win, marks a significant milestone for AEW.

It not only highlights the organization's commitment to innovative and engaging tournament formats but also sets a new standard in professional wrestling. This approach, blending traditional wrestling elements with fresh, audience-centric ideas, is indicative of AEW's growing influence in the wrestling world and its ability to continuously captivate its fan base.

This groundbreaking event has not only been a triumph for Eddie Kingston and AEW but has also reinvigorated the entire pro wrestling industry, proving that innovation and tradition can coexist to create a thrilling and engaging spectator experience.

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