Adam Copeland Reveals His Final AEW Match Plans

Legendary wrestler Adam Copeland reveals plans for final match.

by Noman Rasool
Adam Copeland Reveals His Final AEW Match Plans
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Wrestling icon Adam Copeland, widely known in the ring as the "Rated-R Superstar," recently opened up on Sam Roberts' "Notsam Wrestling" podcast about his plans for concluding his illustrious career in the world of professional wrestling.

This WWE Hall of Famer, currently shining in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shared his vision for a grand finale, deeply rooted in personal connections and nostalgia. In a reflective tone, Copeland discussed his transition to AEW, not just as a career move but as a carefully chosen path towards his retirement.

"I walked into AEW with the end in mind. It's not just another chapter in my career; it's the final one," he said. His decision is influenced by the presence of close friends and industry veterans, including his best friend Christian Cage and colleagues like FTR and Chris Jericho.

"It's comforting and exhilarating to think of wrapping up my journey alongside friends who've been a part of my life's story," Copeland added. However, Copeland is acutely aware of the challenges that come with age. He emphasized the importance of a strict regimen to maintain peak performance levels.

Despite these challenges, his passion for wrestling remains undiminished. When asked about his dream opponent for his last match, Copeland revealed that he's less concerned about who he faces and more focused on where the match takes place.

Final Match Venue

"The location holds more significance for me than the opponent. Maple Leaf Gardens is where it all started for me, watching wrestling as a kid. It's only fitting that it's where I should take my final bow," he explained.

Copeland's desire to end his career at this iconic venue in Toronto is not just about personal nostalgia; it's a tribute to the place that sparked his love for wrestling. In an industry where final matches are often grand, Copeland's vision is refreshingly grounded.

"I've had my share of triumphant moments. This isn't about glory; it's about coming full circle in a place that's close to my heart," he said. For fans and followers of Adam Copeland, this revelation offers a glimpse into the thoughtful planning of a legend's farewell from the ring.

His career, marked by remarkable performances and unforgettable moments, seems poised to conclude in a manner that honors both his legacy and his personal journey in the world of wrestling.

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