Bryan Danielson Receives Major Challenge from Non-AEW Wrestler


Bryan Danielson Receives Major Challenge from Non-AEW Wrestler
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In a recent turn of events that has the wrestling world abuzz, Zack Sabre Jr., a prominent figure outside of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has thrown down the gauntlet to Bryan Danielson, a wrestler often lauded as one of the greatest of his generation.

This challenge, issued at a New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) event, has set the stage for a high-stakes confrontation that could ultimately decide the world's best technical wrestler. The backdrop for this burgeoning rivalry was set at NJPW's New Year Dash.

In a gripping 8-Man Tag Team match, Danielson, alongside his Blackpool Combat Club (BCC) ally Jon Moxley, and their partners from Chaos, Kazuchika Okada and Tomohiro Ishii, faced off against Sabre Jr. and his TMDK cohorts – Shane Haste, Mikey Nichols, and Kosei Fujita.

The match culminated in a victory for Sabre Jr.' s team, thanks to Shane Haste's pivotal pin over Ishii.

Sabre Jr. Challenges Danielson

The history between Sabre Jr. and Danielson adds layers to this unfolding drama. Their last encounter was at AEW's Wrestledream 2023, where Danielson emerged victorious over Sabre Jr., the former NJPW World Television Champion, following a duo of running knees.

However, Sabre Jr. has since suggested that the non-submission finish of their match left the question of technical supremacy unresolved. Post-New Year Dash, Sabre Jr. not only challenged Danielson but also boldly declared his intention to make him submit.

Responding to the challenge, Danielson referenced his submission victory over Okada at the Forbidden Door event, confidently expressing his readiness for a rematch against Sabre Jr. Amidst this brewing rivalry, Danielson has also been candid about his career trajectory.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, he revealed plans to scale back his in-ring appearances. A veteran of weekly matches, Danielson is gearing up for a gradual transition, aiming to limit his yearly match count to five to ten post this year, as reported by Fightful.

This development comes on the heels of Danielson's recent defeat to Okada at Wrestlekingdom 18, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next moves in what appears to be a career entering its twilight yet still full of potential marquee matchups.

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