Is Cody Rhodes Rethinking His AEW Exit Following The Rock's WWE Comeback?


Is Cody Rhodes Rethinking His AEW Exit Following The Rock's WWE Comeback?
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WWE's dynamic landscape has been significantly shaken by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's electrifying return, casting a spotlight on Cody Rhodes' ongoing journey and stirring speculation about his future. In a recent conversation, wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell shed light on Rhodes' mindset amidst these developments, particularly in the context of his quest for a WWE world title.

Rhodes, famously known as "The American Nightmare," has been steadfast in his pursuit of the WWE championship, a goal that has defined his return to the organization. His near-victory against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 ignited hopes of him finally clinching the title.

However, The Rock's surprise comeback and hinted challenge for Reigns' title has raised questions about Rhodes' trajectory.

Mantell: Rhodes Content in WWE

The wrestling community is buzzing with theories, some even humorously suggesting Rhodes might pivot back to AEW.

Mantell, however, confidently dispelled such notions. He emphasized Rhodes' contentment with his current status in WWE, highlighting the financial benefits that significantly eclipse his AEW earnings. "I don't really think he regrets it," Mantell commented.

"He's where he wants to be, making more than he ever did. He might have still been in AEW, but WWE's platform and compensation are a different league altogether." WWE's narrative isn't solely anchored to the world title. The company is renowned for weaving intricate storylines that extend beyond the championship, and Rhodes' saga is no exception.

Mantell referenced Triple H's statement from a previous WrestleMania press conference, underscoring the ongoing nature of WWE storylines. "The beauty of wrestling lies in its continuity," Mantell observed. "Stories in WWE never truly end.

They evolve and adapt, setting the stage for long-term engagements." As fans and pundits alike speculate about WrestleMania 40's marquee match-up, the question looms: will it be Rhodes or The Rock challenging Roman Reigns? This debate underscores WWE's storytelling prowess and the rich narrative tapestry it weaves, keeping audiences captivated and guessing.

This storyline development, blending real-life dynamics and on-screen narratives, continues to be a hallmark of WWE's engaging and multifaceted storytelling approach, inviting fans to stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in the saga of Cody Rhodes and the ever-evolving WWE universe.

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